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Location:  Beijing
Stellen-ID:  15581

In a fast changing world, it takes pioneering spirit to create trustworthy technology. We enable secure solutions for billions of people around the globe. At Giesecke+Devrient, you will play a key role in realizing the digital transformation.


  • 应届毕业生,或者1~2年工作经验;

  • 本科学历及以上;

  • 较好的英语沟通能力,英文邮件读写,基本的口语;

  • 自动化测试相关的工作经验;

  • 熟悉C++编程,熟悉JAVA编程;

  • 有智能卡工作经验更好。


  • 依据智能卡规范,阅读和理解规范,对产品进行全面的测试,黑盒测试;

  • 测试是自动化测试,使用JAVA语言、自定义的脚本语言编写测试脚本;

  • 自动化的测试套件的维护和升级,不断增加测试用例,不断优化测试套件。

Job Requirements:

  • Fresh graduate, or 1~2 years working experience;
  • Bachelor degree or above;
  • Good English communication skills, English email reading and writing, basic oral English;
  • Work experience related to automated testing;
  • Familiar with C++ programming and JAVA programming;
  • Smart card working experience is preferred;

Job Description:

  • Conduct comprehensive product testing and black box testing according to smart card specifications, reading and understanding specifications;
  • The test is an automated test, using JAVA language and custom scripting language to write test scripts;
  • Maintained and upgraded the automated test suite, continuously added test cases and optimized the test suite.

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